Stephanie Horne, center, talks with Calvin Kinnett and Joe Fairchild 
in Monticello Friday afternoon as she brought governor candidate Rocky Adkins' campaign to town.

    It's a message that brought Stephanie Horne into Rocky Adkins' campaign for governor and it is a message that she is sharing with residents across Kentucky, as she visits rural areas as part of the campaign. The message is that Adkins, who is a democratic candidate for governor, cares about Kentucky, its people and the success of this state.

    "When I met Rocky, I listened to what he was excited about, what his 
vision was for Kentucky," said Horne, who is Adkins' running mate for 
Lt. Governor. "I listened and I thought I am going to do this...I 
really feel like the people in Kentucky will make the decision and 
that he will be our next governor."
    Horne brought the campaign to Wayne County on Thursday, April 25, 
amid stops in neighboring Clinton County, Pulaski County and nearby 
Cumberland County.  She spent some time in The Outlook office talking 
about the plans she and Adkins have for Kentucky, before she walked 
around the square area and greeted local residents who stopped to say 
    "At this point it is so wonderful to come and meet people and to 
raise the awareness about the election... There are 27 days left 
before the primary election," said Horne.
    Horne and Adkins have several similarities. Both are strong 
advocates for public education and know how important it is for the 
future of this state. Horne, who is an attorney by trade—served on 
the Jeferson County Board of Education, where she was a committed 
advocate for children, families, teachers and staff throughout 
Jefferson County.
    Her parents were teachers as were Adkins.
    "Rocky was raised on a farm. His dad became a teacher. His mom 
taught preschool and worked in the local grocery store," said Horne. 
"I tell people that Rocky is Kentucky."
    Adkins, who is the democratic leader in the Kentucky House of 
Representatives, has been a strong advocate for teachers.
    "He believes that education transforms lives,  and he came up with 
this incredible plan. He proposed this law in 2016 for community 
college and job training for all Kentuckians...This is happening in 
17 other states," Horne explained. "He got bi-partisan support on the 
initiative. Everybody was behind it."
    The law was vetoed by Governor Matt Bevin, Horne noted.
    Both Horne and Adkins are self-employed and know how important 
affordable health care is for all Kentuckians. They also are cancer 
survivors who are fighting to keep affordable health care for people 
who have pre-existing conditions.
    "We have got to make sure that Kentuckians have affordable, quality 
health care, and we have to make sure that people with pre-existing 
conditions still have health insurance...It can literally be the 
difference between life and death," said Horne.
    While Horne is from Jefferson County, Adkins hails from rural 
Kentucky. He is from Elliott County and Horne noted that his is a 
"son of Sandy Hook." He played basketball at Morehead University, 
where he was a point guard.
    "He was a leader and he has always been like that...He is the only 
candidate in the democratic primary that can bring out rural voters 
and beat Matt Bevin in the fall," said Horne.
    Horne's husband, Andrew, who is a 27 year veteran of the U.S. Marine 
Corps, and Adkins are friends. Through their friendship, Adkins 
became familiar with the work Horne was doing with education in 
Jefferson County. He asked her to be his running mate in the election.
    Horne has been traveling around Kentucky for the past month or so. 
She noted that Adkins will be in this area in May to visit with local 
    Also voters will have another chance to learn more about Adkins in 
an upcoming debate which will air on KET before the primary election. 
To learn more about Adkins and Horne visit their website at www.Rockyforky.com.

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