Monticello Mayor Tracie Sexton has declared a state of emergency for the City of Monticello, effective Friday, March 20.

    It will remain in affect until it is terminated by the issuance of 
another executive order by Sexton.
    The declaration grants Sexton certain powers including the 
utilization of city personnel, services, equipment and any necessary 
acts to manage the COVID-19 situation.
    It states, "Subject to any orders of Governor Andy Beshear, I hereby 
order and direct any and all departments of the City of Monticello to 
coordinate and cooperate with the Wayne County Health Department, 
Kentucky Department for Public Health, any federal agencies to 
respond to the threat presented by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, 
by exercising the powers articulated in KRS Chapter 39 A and 39 B and 
to provide information to individuals, businesses, organizations, and 
other entities to best prepare and respond to the COVID-19 State of 
Emergency Declaration."
    Sexton said that she had been hesitant to issue the executive order 
earlier in the week in an effort to prevent panic.
    "During a conference call between mayors across the state and 
Governor Beshear earlier this week, we were told to expect positive 
cases in all communities," said Sexton.
    She has also signed an executive order closing the doors of City 
Hall to the public, and that became effective on Monday, March 23.
    "I am confident that we can adhere to social distancing rules, as we 
do not have a large number of employees that work inside City Hall," 
stated Sexton. "However, to fully ensure the safety of the public, 
our employees and their families, we will communicate with the public 
by phone, electronically, or by mail."
    At this time, Sexton said that the process for picking up police 
reports will change. Only people who need immediate emergency 
assistance may come through the front door of the police department. 
Domestic violence situations are considered emergencies.
    The public will need to call City Hall or the officer they have been 
in contact with, to communicate whether they want their report 
emailed, faxed or sent through the U.S. mail.
    Sexton added that anyone with questions is welcome to contact her at (606) 278-3937.

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