Students in Wayne County and surrounding counties have an extended spring break right now, as classes have been cancelled as part of the statewide prevention of COVID-19.

    Students and parents were notified of the school closure—which will 
continue through at least Monday, April 6—on Thursday, March 12.
    A letter from Superintendent Wayne Roberts was sent out with all 
students that afternoon, noting the plan for school closing and the 
upcoming Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) days.
    The school closure was effective Monday, March 16. There is no plan 
to return to classes until after the week that was scheduled as 
spring break for Wayne County students—March 30 through April 3.
    Though Roberts' letter noted that the plan is to return to school 
April 6, that may be postponed based on guidance from the government 
and health officials.
    "We will use (NTI) days through Friday, March 27. During this time, 
teachers will be available to assist you and your child with their 
assigned work from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.," stated Roberts.
    He noted that the school closure applies to all school activities 
including school events, athletic activities and non-school use of 
school facilities.
    "School cancellation decisions are not being made lightly," said 
Roberts. "Fortunately there are no known cases or coronavirus in 
Wayne County or any surrounding county. This action is being taken to 
lessen the severity of the risk to the community."
    Roberts stated that he has fielded questions regarding family travel 
during spring break and how it will affect a student's ability  to 
return to school.
    He stated, "We are following the advice of local, state health 
officials and the Centers for Disease Control in saying that as of 
now we do not anticipate that student travel will affect any 
student's ability to return unless the student or student's family 
has traveled to certain foreign countries currently affected by 
federal travel restrictions. Families should know that these 
restrictions might be subject to change that could affect their child."
    Though there is no school, the school nutrition department is 
offering both breakfast and lunch meals through a pickup service at 
the Wayne County Middle School Monday through Friday.
    That service successfully began operating Monday, March 16. Students 
can pick up breakfast at the back entrance of the middle school from 
7:30-8:30 a.m.
    Lunch is also being offered in a to-go box from 11:30-12:30 p.m., 
along with the option of picking up a non-perishable breakfast for 
the following day.
    In addition, the transportation department will be delivering daily 
meals to anyone 18-years-old or younger at no cost.
    Parents or childcare givers who are unable to pick up meals at the 
middle school are encouraged to call their child's school to sign up 
for this service.
    Those that sign up will be contacted concerning delivery. This 
opportunity is being offered through the Summer Food Service program.
    The district's Healthy Kids Clinic will continue to offer medical 
and behavioral health services in person during the current school 
    The local school clinic will remain open Monday through Friday, 8 
a.m, until 3 p.m. Patients will be able to be seen at the Monticello 
Elementary Cardinal Kids Building at 230 College Street.
    Wayne County School students, staff, and/or family members are welcome.
    In addition, the Healthy Kids Clinic will soon be offering 
Telehealth visits to those who would rather not get out or cannot 
make it in to be seen in person. Walk-ins are also welcome. To 
schedule an appointment, please call 1-844-435-0900.
    Nurse Practitioner Rebecca Albright will be available to see 
patients. The clinic does not have the ability to test for coronavirus.
    The Healthy Kids Clinic Behavioral Health therapists will also be 
available by appointment. The Healthy Kids Behavioral and Health 
Clinics will be closed during spring break week.
    Besides school closing, there have been a host of other 
cancellations and changes that have been made in many different 
places throughout our community.
    The Outlook is pulling all that information together to try to keep 
the public informed to those changes.
Wayne County Public Library
    The Wayne County Public Library has decided to cancel programming 
and bookmobile routes for the next few weeks. That announcement was 
made on Friday, March 13.
    As of now, there are no plans to close the library. Announcements 
will be made as to when programs and the bookmobile route will resume.
Wayne County Senior Citizens Center
    The Wayne County Senior Citizens Center is temporarily closed for 
meals and activities. Anyone that receives home delivered meals will 
continue to receive those in the same manner, according to an 
announcement made by the Lake Cumberland Area Development District.
    Those individuals who are transported to the center will begin 
receiving home delivered meals. For anyone who drives to the center 
to eat, meals will be prepared and available with a time designated 
for pickup.
    Staff members will be available to deliver meals to individual 
Wayne County Detention Center
    The Wayne County Detention Center is currently closed to the public. 
There will be no onsite visitation during this time, but offsite 
video visits will be available. Anyone who needs help scheduling a 
video visit should contact the detention center.
    No commissary money will be left at the facility at this time. 
Instead it should be sent by money order to the detention center. 
Money an also be deposited online at or by 
calling 1-855-836-3364.
    Phone time will be available for purchase online at https://
    Church services at the Wayne County Detention Center have been 
suspended at this time. The inmate work release program will be 
suspended until further notice.
    Anyone who needs to bond someone out of jail must press the button 
at the right side of the front door and then follow instructions.
Kentucky Court of Justice
    Several executive orders have been issued in regard to the operation 
of the court system in Kentucky. The changes will be in effect from 
March 16 through April 10.
    With the exception of emergency matters, domestic violence hearings 
and evidentiary hearings in criminal cases, all in-person appearances 
for civil and criminal dockets shall be cancelled. Judges are 
encouraged to  use telephonic or video technology for all necessary 
    All civil trials, hearing and motions shall be postponed and 
rescheduled for a later day. Any civil trial or hearing currently in 
progress shall be continued or completed at the discretion of the 
presiding judge.
    With the exception of emergency matters and hearings statutorily 
required to be held, small claims, eviction, juvenile, probate, 
traffic and guardianship cases will be continued.
    Courtroom attendance will be limited to attorneys, parties and 
necessary witnesses. A case involving an attorney or party who is ill 
or in a high-risk category will be rescheduled.
    All show cause dockets for payments of fines and court costs 
scheduled in this timeframe will be continued for 60 days. New juror 
orientations will be suspended. Existing jury panels may be extended 
at the discretion of the court.
    Attorney are being encouraged to use e-filing. Drop boxes should be 
used to conventionally filed documents if available.
Restaurants closed
    Governor Andy Beshear announced Monday, March 16 that as of 5 p.m. 
that day all restaurants and bars in Kentucky will be close, although 
there will be exceptions for drive through and delivery.
    Beshear urged people to order take out when possible and support 
local businesses and their employees.
Monticello Utility Commission
    The Monticello Utility Commission issued a statement asking that the 
public please consider other methods of communication and making 
payments at this time. Rather than using the lobby, the public can 
utilize the drive through at the MUC.
    There is a night deposit box located outside the office where 
payments can be left. There is an online payment method available at 
their website or funds can be directly withdrawn from a bank account 
through a bank draft.
    Customers may also call the office at (606) 348-8473 from 8 a.m. 
until 4 p.m. Monday through Friday to make a payment or for other 
Wayne County Hospital
    The Wayne County Hospital has issued the following information. They 
are recommending limited visitors for hospital patients. No general 
visitation without prior approval in special circumstances.
    The hospital is encouraging alternative electronic methods to 
communication with patients such as telephone, video chat and Skype.
    Anyone who has a fever, cough, respiratory illness and shortness of 
breath are asked not to visit until those symptoms are resolved.


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