Local voters may be looking at a wet-dry election later this year.
    Paperwork  has been filed by the group "Move Monticello Forward" to 
circulate a petition for a local option election that would include 
all county voters.
    Wayne County Clerk Heather Piercy said the intent to start 
collecting signatures was filed with her office on January 30.
    Organizers of the petition drive have indicated that they would like 
to see the issue included on the November general election ballot, 
which means that the petition would have to be filed in Piercy's 
office by August 11.
    They must collect at least 1,412 signatures on the petition, and 
after it is filed signatures must be verified before the issue would 
go on the ballot. Piercy said the number of signatures required on 
the petition is based on the number of voters who participated in the 
November 2019 general election in the county.
    A total of 5,646 voters cast ballots last November, and the total 
signatures required on the petition represents 25 percent.
    "Move Monticello Forward" is the same group that put a local option 
election on the ballot in September 2016. A total of 277 signatures 
were collected and verified to put the issue on the ballot.
    That election was held only in city precincts and was voted down by 
232 votes. The final tally in that election was 876 votes cast 
against the sale of alcohol, with 644 votes in favor of it.
    According to a post on Facebook, anyone who wants to sign this 
petition can visit one of several locations which are listed on the 
    A statement included on the Facebook page states, "Going wet is not 
just about alcohol sales. It's about bringing more opportunities and tax dollars in to our area and keeping them here."

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