The Lonesome Bridge was closed Monday, May 18 due to safety concerns. A temporary crossing has been established for anyone needing to cross.

    Following a directive from the State Transpor-tation Cabinet, the county has closed the Lonesome Bridge. Wayne County Judge-Executive Mike Anderson said that the bridge was closed on Monday, May 18 due to safety concerns.

    The county had been notified the previous week that it had five days 
to close the bridge, after engineers determined that it was unsafe 
for travel. The bridge has been discussed for nearly a decade now, as 
local officials have worked with the state to replace the structure.
    District Three Magis-trate Dale Vaughn address-ed the situation 
during a meeting held on May 14, noting that the county was informed 
the bridge would be replaced using federal funds that came through 
the state. He indicated that some  preliminary work had been done as 
far at the proposed new bridge site. But over the years, no actual 
construction work began at Lonesome Bridge.
    Now, Anderson said the county is working with state officials to 
make sure that the structure is replaced. He said that he had talked 
with Tamara Wilson, with the District 8 Transportation Cabinet 
Office, and they are looking at getting estimates as soon as possible 
for another bridge.
    In the meantime, the county has erected bridge closed signs at both 
entrances so they will be in compliance with the state recommendations.
    Anderson said there is a temporary crossing that can be used. He is 
uncertain how many people are affected by the bridge closure, since 
there are loggers who use the structure as well as farmers who travel over it.

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