A bid for the relocation of water lines for the road project in the 
Zollicoffer area has been approved locally and at the state level.
    Water lines along KY 90, where plans are to widen the road and 
construct a shoulder, have to be relocated for the project. During a 
meeting of the utility commission on Thursday, March 5, MUC manager 
Scott Upchurch said that bids for the relocation of the lines were 
opened on February 13 and Weddle Enterprises was awarded the bid at 
approximately $1.1 million.
    Upchurch said the state has accepted that bid, since they will 
shoulder the cost for the project. He did recommend that the utility 
commission approve a betterment plan for the project, which would 
allow the three-inch water lines in the area be replaced with six-
inch lines.
    The MUC would have to pay for the upgrade cost which is about 
$40,000, according to Upchurch. The commission approved the plan.
    Also during the meeting, the commission opened the only bid they 
received regarding a hay lease of nearly 50 acres of land located 
near the water treatment plant. They advertised for farmers who were 
interested in a three-year lease on the project to submit bids, and 
the only bid was received from Keeton Farms for $4,001 per year.
    The bid was awarded to Keeton Farms.
    A couple of others matters of business were discussed before the 
meeting was adjourned. Upchurch said that spring flushing should 
begin later this month.
    He also noted that the MUC is currently in the processing of 
refunding meter deposits to customers who are in good standing. The 
refunds basically are credits to customers bills and Upchurch said 
they have been doing them in groups according to the year the deposit was paid. They are currently up to the year 2000 for refunds, he noted.

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