Law Enforcement
Law enforcement agencies responded to a bomb threat at the Wayne 
County Middle School Monday morning. The campus was placed on soft 


    A  13-year-old Wayne County student has been charged with 
terroristic threatening first degree and disorderly conduct second 
degree, following a bomb threat incident that occur-red at the local 
middle school Monday morning.
    Wayne County Sheriff Tim Catron said that the Wayne County Middle 
School was placed on soft lockdown Monday morning, after the school's 
administration was made aware of a bomb threat by a student at the 
    The threat claimed that a student had a bomb in a backpack. The 
threat was made on Bluetooth Sharing, which Catron explained is a 
cell phone app that only goes out to others with the same app who are 
in close proximity to the sender. He indicated several students 
received the threat at the school.
    At 8:19 a.m., the School Resource Officer Tommy Spencer was 
dispatched to the middle school. Immediately after the initial call 
was made, multiple units from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, the 
Monticello Police Department, Ken-tucky State Police and Kentucky 
Fish and Wild-life arrived at the scene.
    All middle school students were placed in the gymnasium for their 
safety per school protocol. A search of the school building, which 
included a bomb sniffing K-9 unit with Kentucky State Police, was 
conducted. No dangerous materials were found.
    Catron said several students were interviewed by the sheriff's 
office and school administrators, which led them to one of the 
students who admitted to making the threat. Catron said all other 
students were allowed to return to their classrooms at 11:40 a.m.
    The 13-year-old was taken into custody by Deputy Cody Neal. The 
student was transported to the Adair County Youth Development 
Center,  The student is scheduled to appear in juvenile court in Wayne County on Wednesday, January 29.

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