A dog park may be in the future for Wayne County. The Parks and 
Recreation Committee discussed the idea during their meeting which 
was held on Tuesday, February 18,
    Parks and Recreation Director Lonnie Chaplin said that the 
suggestion had been brought to him several times, and a local 
resident who was in support a dog park also attended last week's 
    Chaplin noted that the biggest concern with locating a dog park 
within the current park property is insurance liability. He has 
looked at other areas that have dog parks and noted that they are put 
in fenced in areas away from other activities.
    Dog owners are required to park in a specific area and take leashed 
dogs directly to the fenced-in area. There must be a water source 
inside the dog park and benches for animal owners to sit on.
    Chaplin did tell committee members that there were a couple of areas 
at the park that could be developed for a dog park. Mayor Tracie 
Sexton said she had also been approached by people interested in a 
dog park, and she has looked at the possibility of locating it behind 
City Hall on property that is already partially fenced.
    Sexton said she would have to check with the city's attorney about 
liability issues.
    Chaplin said they would secure estimates for the cost of fencing at 
the park and in the area behind City Hall and bring those back to the 
committee for comparison.
    He did indicate that it would probably cost less to fence the area 
behind City Hall, since part of that work has already been completed.
    Logging has been completed on the park property and Parks and 
Recreation has received payment of $17,949. Wayne County Judge-
Executive Mike Anderson, who serves as chairman for the committee, 
noted that this will pay for the additional property the park 
purchased last year.
    Work is beginning, as parks and recreation prepares for the busy 
spring and summer. Chaplin noted that basketball league play 
continues at the ASPIRE Center, and sign-ups are underway for baseball.
    He told committee members that he had received an estimate for 
refinishing the pool and it was well out of range of their budget.
    He suggested that they move ahead with patching the pool, which has 
been done the past several years, as they prepare for the swimming 
    Chaplin said the water would be drained from the pool next month, so 
that the work could be completed by early May.


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