The Wayne County Sheriff's Office has made an arrest after receiving 
a complaint that a shot had been fired into a local residence.
    According to Sheriff Tim Catron, the department received a call on 
Thursday, February 27 at approximately 10:55 p.m. from Slagle 
Chriswell Road. Deputy Brent Rose, Deputy Brad Tucker and Deputy 
Derek Dennis responded to the residence.
    The occupants of the home said they heard a loud gunshot and found a 
bullet hole inside their residence. The projectile entered the 
residence then traveled through three rooms and lodged in the door of 
the clothes dryer, according to Catron.
    He said that as the bullet traveled through the residence it came 
close to striking the occupants.
    Deputies followed the path of the projectile, which led them to a 
nearby residence. After they were unable to contact anybody there, 
the deputies obtained a search warrant for the residence.
    Inside they observed Zachary D. McGuire, of Monticello, in a 
recliner with a handgun lying next to him on a table. Deputies also 
located five spent bullet casings inside the residence that were 
consistent with the size of the projectile located in the dryer of 
the other residence.
    Dennis arrested McGuire, who was charged with two counts of wanton 
endangerment first degree and one count of criminal mischief first 
degree. McGuire was lodged in the Wayne County Detention Center.
    The investigation is continuing. Evidence has been sent to the Kentucky State Police lab for ballistic testing.

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