It's a joy to know we have good people in our community who care enough to make a difference in other peoples' lives.

    For lots of individuals, it's always been two steps forward and 
three steps back. They've never experienced the kind of support 
needed to live life as some of us know it.
    A great movement is now underway locally for women after they have 
completed rehab. You may have noticed activity downtown on the square 
in Monticello over the past few weeks on the corner next to The Quilt 
    Efforts are being made to open Restoration House. Restoration House 
is the result of a newly faith based non-profit organization, New 
Beginning Foundation, established for the sole purpose of providing 
transitional housing after rehab for women.
    The foundation is in conversations with possible partners and the 
board is seeking funding through grants and other resources.
    Before the end of 2019 the board met with DECO Architecture and they 
now have a better understanding of what it's going to take 
financially to open the doors.
    The cost involved was more than originally expected and until all 
monies needed are acquired, they will be moving forward with a 
website, community networking and continuing work at the jail.
    Restoration House co-founder, Elwood Bradley, is the chairman. He 
truly wants a better life for offenders who have completed their time 
in rehab.
    This type of positive influence within our community has been a 
vision of Elwood's for years.
    He is not only the chaplin at the Wayne County Detention Center, 
Elwood is the Portal Instructor for the New Direction Re-entry class.
    He is MRT certified and serves as a GED Instructor at KCTCS. He also 
recently completed additional training.
    The board speaks highly of Elwood, stating that he has been faithful 
to visit, mentor and minister to inmates at the Wayne County Jail for 
more than 20 years.
    Bradley has found that there are many repeat offenders.
    When speaking to inmates about being re-incarcerated, time after 
time, their stories are similar.
    Many offenders have attended a short, court-ordered rehab and after 
their recovery, they have returned to a home environment, not helpful 
in staying clean. More often than not, it's been abusive and 
discouraging situations for them.
    When coupled with not being able to find jobs, qualify for housing 
and having few applicable life skills, the repeat offenders fail to 
rise above the cycle that they have often been born into and can't 
get away from.
    Elwood knows MRT therapy works. It's a systematic step by step 
treatment strategy to increase moral reasoning and changes behaviors 
and decision-making errors in offenders that led to incarceration, 
addiction, and mental health issues in the first place.
    MRT combines education, group and individual counseling, and 
structured exercises designed to foster moral development.
    Studies show a reduction in the relapse rate of offenders 30-50 
percent for periods up to 20 years after release. Re-arrest and re-
incarceration rates can be up to 65 percent lower than expected. If 
offenders want to stay clean, the transformation is truly amazing. 
The program helps them make changes in their thinking and realize 
what potential they have in maintaining a positive and healthy life 
free of crime.
    In formation of the non-profit foundation, the board of Restoration 
House decided to focus on women coming out of jail or rehab first, 
but they do hope to have a men's home in the future. This caring 
group of people want to help their residents find hope, encouragement 
and a new beginning through Christian mentorship.
    The board understands that lasting success can be found through an 
opportunity of living in a safe environment while pursuing education 
and employment opportunities. They hope to give these women hope to 
rise above their circumstances.
    Statistics show that many addicts leave rehab drug-free, but lack 
basic daily life skills. At Restoration House, the women will be 
taught through example— how to create goals and care for themselves 
personally, through exercise and diet. They will also be given 
educational opportunities through SkillsU, and KCTCS, as well as have 
off site counseling.
    Restoration House is also in search of funding to open an on site 
restaurant where the ladies will be given the opportunity to create a 
reference for future employment. Not only will it build their resume 
through second chance employment, but they will be learning 
interpersonal skills that will build confidence for their future. The 
end goal is to provide a true home environment where a foundation of 
trust and hope is built for their residents. The foundation wants to 
decrease the incidents of relapse by offering hope beyond rehab.
    We often lose sight of what really matters—love and kindness to our 
fellow man. Anyone interested in contributing to this worthwhile 
cause or lending a helping hand may contact them through Facebook 
messenger (for now). They will soon have a website and telephone 
number available.
    The board has made a change to their online search after multiple 
sources inquired about the foundation being associated with 
ministries of a similar name. Instead of searching the web for New 
Beginning Foundation, Inc., they ask that you log on to Restoration House of Kentucky.

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