Cable prices will increase for local customers in April, following action taken by the Telecommunications Board during their meeting on Wednesday, February 19.

    Much of the meeting included a discussion among board members 
regarding the rising costs of programming that the cable company has 
been absorbing.
    The cable company saw prices rise earlier this year and are now 
paying $2.61 more per subscriber each month for expanded cable and 
$2.38 more per month per subscriber for basic cable.
    It was a discussion that the board continued from their January 
meeting, when they first broached the subject of a possible rate 
increase for customers.
    Following their discussion at last week's meeting, the board agreed 
to increase the cost of basic cable service by $2.69 per month.
    The price for expanded cable service will increase by $2.30 per 
month. Subscribers who have both basic and expanded cable will see a 
$4.99 per month rise in the cost.
    Community Telecom customers will receive notification of the rate 
increase with their March bill.
    The bill for basic cable customers will increase to $34.96 per 
month. For customers with basic and expanded service, the bill will 
increase to $75.27.
    Board members noted that even with the raise, prices for local cable 
remain below those advertised for other area cable systems.
    Also during the meeting, the board heard an update about the fiber 
to the home expansion in the Furnace Mountain Road and KY 834 area.
    Residents and businesses in these areas should be able to sign up for internet and cable services soon.

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