The Monticello Utility Commission will seek bids to lease the approximately 50 acre field behind the water plant to any farmer interested in using it for hay production.

    MUC Manager Scott Upchurch told commission members during their 
meeting held on Thursday, February 6 that the lease agreement had 
worked out well last year.
    He recommended that the commission look at leasing out the property 
again, but to set a specific term for the lease beyond one year.
    He indicated that it would be more profitable to a farmer if they 
could lease the property for a multi-year term.
    Commission members decided to advertise for a three year lease 
agreement for the field.
    The MUC will advertise for proposals for a couple of weeks and 
Upchurch stated that the commission could act on it as soon as the 
March meeting.
    He added that a contract has been drawn up that stipulates exactly 
how the property can be used.
    Bids for the relocation of water lines along KY 90 in the 
Zollicoffer area will be opened on February 13, Upchurch told 
commission members during the meeting.
    This is part of the state highway department's improvement project 
of KY 90 in that area.
    The road will be widened to include shoulders.
    Upchurch was questioned about the easements from property owners. He said that since this was a state project, they had taken care of the 
final portion of the easement work.
    Because of the scope of the project, water lines in that area will 
have to be moved to allow for the widening of the highway.


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