The Wayne County Library Board met on Wednesday, January 15 and 
decided to invest a portion of their tax receipts in a one year 
Certificate of Deposit.
    Librarian Anne Garner noted that the board currently has a 
Certificate of Deposit in the amount of about $400,000 that will 
mature this spring. She asked board members if they would like to 
take that amount of money from the library's account and invest it in 
another Certificate of Deposit.
    Board members agreed unanimously to placing the $400,000 in tax 
receipts into the one-year Certificate of Deposit. Garner said she 
would use the method she has used in the past to select the bank that 
will hold the CD. She will contact all four local lending 
institutions and give them an opportunity to provide their interest 
rate before making a final decision.
    Also during the meeting, board members were updated regarding some 
of the events that will be coming up at the library. These include a 
Teddy Bear Adoption Party, which is set for February 6.
    Garner said that someone recently donated more than 50 stuffed bears 
to the library and requested that they be given to children. Staff 
members came up with the idea of the Teddy Bear event, which will 
include stories and games.
    Each child who attends will receive a bear.
    The board also:
    • Approved the treasurer's report and paid the bills as presented.
    • Reviewed the circulation report for December and for the year.
    • Learned more about the continuing education opportunities that library staff have been involved in.

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