Ken Upchurch

    Representative Ken Upchurch was scheduled for re-election with the 
Secretary of State's Office in Frankfort on Tuesday, January 7.
    Upchurch represents the state's 52nd District, which includes Wayne 
and McCreary counties and a southwestern portion of Pulaski County.
    A senior member in the House Majority Cau-cus, Upchurch was chosen 
to lead the House Transportation Committee by the Speaker of the 
House in 2018.
    He also serves as a ranking member of House State Government and 
Banking and Insurance committees.
    "I'm so honored that the people of this community have put their 
trust and faith in me to serve them in Frankfort, and I hope they 
will continue to do so. It is a responsibility that I take seriously. 
I'm running for re-election because I'm proud of the work we're doing 
to move our state forward and put Kentucky families first," Upchurch 
said. "My work as chair of the Transportation Com-mittee is not 
something I take lightly, but I haven't forgotten that the people of 
this district are my first priority."
    During his time in the House, Upchurch has delivered tens of 
millions of dollars toward community development projects such as a 
park and community center in McCreary county, underground utilities 
and sidewalks in downtown Monticello, countless water and sewer 
infrastructure projects and highway projects on highways 90 and 92, 
while working with fellow legislators to make Kentucky stronger by 
growing the state's economy, protecting life, and preserving Kentucky 
values. While the state has seen record high business investment and 
the lowest unemployment rates in history, Upchurch says he believes 
the work is not done.
    "For generations, we've seen jobs and business investment go to 
larger cities. We all know that the best quality of life is in our 
rural areas, where people can raise their children in strong 
communities surrounded by friends and neighbors they know. Our next 
step is to make sure that the prosperity we're beginning to see 
throughout the state grabs a foothold in our rural towns and 
counties," Upchurch added. "Now is not the time to change course and 
start anew."
    When House Speaker David Osborne chose Upchurch to chair the House 
Transportation Committee, he added that the choice was an easy one.
    "When we assign chairmanships, we look to members who have both a 
solid understanding of how legislative business should be done and 
strong relationships with other members. Representative Upchurch has 
a proven record and is a well-respected member of the House," Osborne 
    Upchurch will be working with fellow legislators as the Kentucky 
General Assembly has convened the 2020 Regular Session. As always, 
Upchurch will split his time between home and Frankfort until the 
legislature adjourns in April. Among the tasks they face is the 
state's two-year budget, an extremely complicated spending plan that 
includes funding for roads and bridges.
    "I want to ask every single person in this district to vote 
‘Upchurch for State Representative' on May 19. Please let me continue 
to protect our God given freedoms, our God given children, and our God given Commonwealth," he added.

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