Voters will have a couple of different ways to cast their ballot in 
the June 23 primary election in Kentucky—either by a paper absentee 
ballot or by voting on an absentee machine at an appointed time.
    At this point, county clerks around Kentucky are becoming better 
acquainted with the changes that they face for primary 2020 due to 
the COVID-19 pandemic. While voting will be a little different, Wayne 
County Clerk Heather Piercy does not want that to adversely affect 
voter turnout.
    "I just want to urge everyone to vote in this election...We don't 
want a low voter turnout," said Piercy, as she discussed the 
procedures being put into place for voters.
    Voters who wish to cast their ballots remotely can begin that 
process now by calling Piercy's office and requesting an application 
for an absentee ballot. When they return the application, the actual 
ballot will be mailed to them and they can cast their vote and send 
it back to the clerk's office.
    A portal is currently being created on the Kentucky Secretary of 
State's website that will allow voters to forgo the application 
process and move ahead with their request for an absentee ballot. 
Piercy said that link should be available soon.
    Anyone who does not want to vote by paper absentee ballot can opt to 
use the absentee machine that will be set up in Piercy's office from 
June 8 through June 23. Appointments will be available during this 
time and voters need to call ahead and set up their voting time. 
Piercy said that appointments will be made at 15 minute increments.
    The state has indicated that it will provide extra funding for the 
placement of four precinct officers at the absentee machine location 
in each county.
    Anyone who is registered to vote and is eligible to vote in the 
primary election can request an absentee ballot.
    Anyone who has any questions regarding the process or who needs more information can contact Piercy's office at (606) 348-6661.

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